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Glass Fusion!



Walk in anytime we are open (at least one hour prior to closing) and create your own Glass Fusion! Choose a piece of glass from our background options. Then pick from our colored pieces of glass to build on top of your background. Building a Glass Fusion project is simplar to building a mosaic. Simply glue your smaller pieces down in any arrangement you wish. Once your design is complete we will work our magic and fire your glass. Glass Fusion projects are a 2 week turn around so please plan accordingly. 

Private Parties

Book our private party room for your adult party, team builder, scout or even just a fun night out! Click to find out how our parties work. 

Each project starts with a flat piece of clear glass that is the correct shape and size for the project you chose. We have many projects choose from: coasters, wall hangings, frames, pendants, bowls & much more!

Build your design on top of the clear glass using the colored glass pieces we offer. Assembly is very simple; just glue the colored pieces down with a little Elmer's glue :)

Your design can be as simple or detailed as you would like! Once your design is complete, leave your piece with us for about 10days to be fired. 

No need to worry! Hot Fired Arts has many kid friendly glass projects to choose from. We even offer more advanced projects for teens and adults as well as workshops to really show off your skills!


                  Check out our calendar of events and workshop!

Glass Fusing! How does it work?

Gift Certificates available in any amount!

Find them in-studio and on-line!

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