Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an Appointment?

Do I need an Appointment?

Hot Fired Arts does not take reservations for walk-ins. You may pop in anytime we are open!

Hot Fired Arts does not take reservations for walk-ins. You may pop in anytime we are open!

Do you do Parties?

We do parties for kids and Adults.  We have a party room for parties, workshops, events, and large groups. Please call, email or stop in to make your reservation today!       301-732-6943      email-

Can we bring food and beverages into the Studio?

Sure!  We are BYOB for walk-ins and parties.  

What's the Average price for pottery?

We have pottery for all ages!  Our pottery starts at $8. Most people spend between $25-$30 per person on average.

What are your extra fees?

Some studios charge you an additional fee to use their materials and for your firing. We do not believe in charging you extra fees. Our prices are all inclusive. This means the price you see covers the piece you choose, your materials and the firing! No more guessing as to how much your project will actually cost you!

Do you fire outside glass/pottery?

No, we only fire the pottery and glass we have in the studio.  Why? Due to the different nature of types of glass and bisque, and the fact that we don't know what or where the different pieces came from, we could not guarantee the success of an outside piece.

We would be happy to recreate something for you on a specific piece of pottery.  Prices vary between level of difficulty but a general starting point is the price of the piece plus $10.  Talk to a member of the HFA team to discuss your ideas and start the process.

Do you do commission work?

Can I request a painting design or a pottery piece?

We love the challenge of a new canvas design and are always on the lookout for intriguing pottery for you to paint.  Share away!

Do you do fundraisers?

We do!   We love hosting FUNdraisers!  Here's where to find the info.

I hear there are dogs at the studio.

Yep! Our studio mascots are Suni and Moxie.  They are Sheltie sisters belonging to our owner Michelle.  If you have any concerns give the studio a call.  

Do you have puffy paint for the pottery?

We do!  If we do not have a bottle in the color you need, just ask our studio artist to set you up with one.

Are you hiring?   

We will post any studio openings on our Facebook page and website under the What's It All About tab.  We typically look for people for summer and/or Christmas season.

What's your pickup policy?

Pottery is ready 1 week after you painted and glass is ready 2 weeks, unless otherwise noted.

Please pick up your projects within 30 days of making.  Projects left at the studio after 60 days will be disposed of.